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Our History: Shiloh Baptist Church Albany, GA

In 1888, Shiloh Baptist Church Albany, GA was founded by Rev. Sam Byrd and a devoted group of believers. Rev. Byrd arrived at Albany on a divine mission to create a church where believers could gather in fellowship and belonging. The church quickly began to shape the spiritual history of Southwestern Georgia. Although the church began to meet in an old, run down house, the group persevered and began to grow Shiloh Baptist Church Albany, GA into the spiritual powerhouse that it is today.

In 1940, the church building was destroyed by a tornado. The church itself, however, proved it's resilience as it continued to meet in another church's space, taking the time to rebuild. By 1948, the church was rebuilt - and fully debt-free.

Throughout the 1960s, Shiloh was a valuable player in the Civil Rights movement in Southwestern Georgia, advising community members and leaders on how to move the fight for equality forward. The church took an active role in fighting for the movement in the South, to the point where the church has been recognized today for it's contributions to Civil Rights.

Over the years, Shiloh has undergone many changes, and we're proud to be where we are today. If you're looking for a Baptist church near me, we're glad you found us. Put an end to your search for a Baptist church near me by joining us for a Sunday worship service and seeing what we're all about. We look forward to meeting you. 

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