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The Certificate of Progress Program

The Certificate of Progress Program (COPP) was organized by the Sunday School Publishing Board in 1937. It was designed to produce qualified church leaders. The objectives of the COPP are as follows:


  • Increased Biblical knowledge

  • Create an understanding of the Baptist church

  • Provide an educational structure that will develop candidates qualified for teaching and leadership positions

  • Provide incentives for candidates to complete the program

  • Produce trained church leaders.

Policies and Procedures for Enrollment

A person wishing to enter the Certificate of Progress Program must follow specific procedures for enrollment:

  1. The Dean assigned a Dean of Record to provide guidance through the COPP and Specialization Program.

  2. Submit all applications, assignments, and forms for COPP, along with appropriate fees, to the            Dean.

 3. Complete and submit Form 12-Admissions Application for the Certificate of Progress 

     Program, along with application fee (fee - $15.00)

 4. Subscribe to the Christian Education Informer (a Christian Education Journal published 

     quarterly by the Sunday School Publishing Board). Complete and submit Informer                 

     Subscription Application for the Certificate of Progress Program, along with subscription fee (fee       - $30.00 1 year).

  5. All COPP applications must have the required signatures. All applications and forms are

       available on Sunday School Publishing Board Downloaded Forms or

   6. Participant should purchase a CLS Student Handbook. This handbook may be purchased from 

       the Sunday School Publishing Board or a local bookstore that carries materials for the SSPB.

   7. A participant may be exempted from the COPP by submitting to the Dean a copy of an official

       transcript from an accredited Bible college divinity school, seminary, or school of religion for

       evaluation.  A minimum of twelve (12) semester hours of courses in religion, Christian

       education, church history, or theology is required.







Phase Requirements


Classes can be taken in any order within a phase, but each phase needs to be completed within a five-year in sequential order. Phases should be completed in sequential order. Upon completion of Phases 1, 2, and 3, students will receive a certificate for each phase. A COPP diploma will be issued upon completion of Phase 4.


The Certificate of Progress Program course offerings per phase are as follows:


phase 1 courses

1001 Introduction to the Bible
1004 Effective Bible Reading
1007 Survey of the Old Testament
1072 Survey of the New Testament
2011 Baptist Doctrine
6021 Spiritual Formation


phase 2 courses

1075 The Synoptic Gospels
2007 Christian Stewardship
3008 Theology and History of Christianity
4012 The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
7024 Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts
9004 Writing Techniques


phase 3 courses

1079 Survey of John
1089 Survey of Romans
3007 History of Baptists
7005 Christian Evangelism
7010 Introduction to Discipleship
9005 Writing Techniques II


phase 4 courses

1112 Survey of Revelation
2015 Foundation of Christian Ethics
6013 Organizing the Church for Christian Education
8035 The African American Church and Social Justice
8066 Christianity and Contemporary Issues
9024 The Computer in the Life of the Church

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