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Shiloh Baptist Church Christian Leadership School
325 W. Whitney Avenue, Albany, GA 31701

Dr. Lodessa Washington, Dean - Christian Education Ministry
Email: | Tele: 229-435-3114

ABOUT US:  The Shiloh Baptist Church Christian Leadership School, organized January 22, 2022, is nationally accredited through the Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.  The SBC Christian Leadership School represents a unified effort to educate and equip individuals for the work of the ministry, to glorify God, and to develop and enhance their spiritual growth to effectively witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ in accordance with Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8.  The Christian Education Ministry offers courses for self-enhancement and courses to assist students in completing the four (4) phases of the Certificate of Progress Program (COPP).  Course cards will be distributed to students who successfully complete the course.


#4014 The Doctrine of Prayer
#4014 The Doctrine of Prayer
Understand the purpose and power of prayer. "You're in our prayers" has become a cliche. Just a nice thing to say when we see someone struggling. But do we really understand the power of prayer?
Feb 17, 2024, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
325 W Whitney Ave, Albany, GA 31701, USA
FREE to members. $10.00 non-members


8024 The Ministry of the Blind - January 20 (L. Washington)

Discuss appropriate ministry models for ministering to blind people within the church. Enable those who are interested in ministering to the blind to do so. Braille, the written language of the blind, will be emphasized.


4014 The Doctrine of Prayer - March 30 (P. Simmons) CANCELLED

This course will explore the fundamental purpose, principles, types of prayers, and the power of prayer. Understand prayer as the channel of communication of the believer to the Father.


8016 The Church Confronting Youth Violence & Bullying - March 9  (L. Washington)

This course will focus on the growing violent culture, its causes and effects, and strategies that the church can employ to counter the problem of youth violence and bullying. Issues youth want the Church to address.


7005 Christian Evangelism - April 20 (L. Washington)

This course teaches the basic steps in developing a program of evangelism. Students will learn the appropriate Scriptures to use, and the methods, techniques, and media best suited for witnessing nonbelievers.


7011 Developing a Discipleship Ministry - May 11 (P. Simmons)

This course will explore the various ways to assist the local church in recruiting the proper people and tools to build an effective discipleship ministry. Identify mission needs and opportunities in the community.


6008 Church Administration from a Black Perspective – August 17 (L. Washington)

This course will reveal the district method of administration in the black church. The basic functions of the administrator will be covered to familiarize the participants with the importance of this position as it relates to the interaction generated between the members and the official church staff.


8006 Growing the Church through the Sunday School - September 14  (L. Washington)

This course focuses on gaining an understanding of the philosophical and Chronological approaches to Christian ethics. Students will learn biblical principles for decision-making and conduct for living.


2015 Foundation for Christian Ethics -  October 19 (P. Simmons)

This course is designed to understand the philosophical and Christological approaches to Christian ethics. Students will engage in biblical principles for decision-making and conduct.


Thank you!


Lodessa Washington

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