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Holiday Presents
Christmas Studio Portrait

JayRah Griffin
If I could give the world one gift, I would give them peace. God already gives us peace of mind, but the world seems to be blinded by the pandemic and other things happening in the world. I would let people know that God is in control. Personally, I have been hit with situations where I felt like I needed peace. I still do sometimes. Knowing that God has his hands on me lets me know that trouble doesn't last always. Thank you.

Meiyer Kinson
I would share toys because it makes people happy. 

Braylon Shinard
If I had one gift to offer the world I would offer a cure for cancer and multiple sclerosis. Both of these diseases cause people to be really sick.

Jaylin Bray
I would offer the world my everlasting love in Jesus Christ’s name to make the world a better place.


Brayden Bynum
If I had one gift to give to the world it would be prayers because some people don’t pray for other people in need.

Shayln Bynum
The gift that I would offer to the world would be love because some kids and grownups don’t get love when they deserve it.

A’Kiyah Robinson
If I had one gift to offer the world it would be the gift to know Jesus and believe in him. The Bible tells us in Romans 10:9 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Knowing how Jesus has been with me and brought me from 1lb 11oz to now, I will know always in my heart that without Him I would not be here. I will continue to pattern my life around Romans 10:9 by telling everyone about the goodness of Jesus Christ.

Rajan Childs, Jr
If I had one gift to offer the world, my gift would be no racism in people’s hearts. Racism represents inequality and violence towards me, a young 15-year-old African American male, and millions of other minorities. My gift would bless people to show equality without prejudice, discrimination, and violence.

Kadienze Childs
If I had one gift to offer the world, my gift would be to end homelessness. I would bless the homeless with a warm and safe place to stay, just as my family and I have.

Miniature Christmas Tree

Jaylan Jackson 
If I could give the world anything it would have to be a cure and vaccine for COVID.
The coronavirus has turned the world upside down and impacted everyone. Covid has caused many people to get sick and even worse pass away. It has also caused many businesses to close. I would hope that in 2021 this virus is stopped and things can go back to normal.

Makayla Porter
The gift I would give to the world it the gospel because our time on this earth is short.

Londyn Knight
If I had one gift to offer the world, I would build homes for the homeless because there are millions of people who have nowhere to live. They sleep outside in the cold and they have to use boxes for cover.

Family Video Call

Lyric Campbell 
If I had one gift to offer the world, my gift would be to save the world. Everyone would know Jesus Christ and accept HIM in their hearts as their Lord and Saviour.

Anjavis Gardner


Tyannah Gardner

Christmas Tree with Presents

Ryaniya Clayton                      
What I will give to the world is lots of money for the homeless people so they can get out of the cold and stay warm this year and have clean clothes and socks and underwear.

An'aishia Gardner

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